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This article provides three methods for you to lớn convert MKV lớn AVI easily. All the methods provided can help you convert MKV videos with no issue. Also, the best MKV khổng lồ AVI converter completes the conversion task in the simplest way. You are recommended to lớn install the best converter and follow our guide below:

Although MKV is a popular container format that can incorporate video, audio, picture & even subtitle track into one file, people often suffer from incompatibility issues when playing MKV on Samsung TV, tablet, PlayStation 4, or many other devices. What"s more, MKV files are usually large in size, hence making it less convenient lớn transfer MKV files over the internet. To lớn solve these problems, converting MKV to lớn a universal format lượt thích AVI is a commonly used & advised solution. And I"d lượt thích to mô tả three handy methods khổng lồ convert MKV videos lớn AVI without chất lượng loss in the following parts.

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There are many converters out there on the market & it"s hard lớn find the best one. After numerous tests, I want lớn recommend WonderFox HD video Converter Factory Pro khổng lồ you. This all-in-one program is one of the best MKV lớn AVI converters with support for the advanced GPU acceleration and Hyper Threading tech, which can speed up conversion to lớn help you batch convert large MKV files in much less time. What"s more, this fast MKV to AVI converter supports 500+ đầu ra profiles so you can not only convert MKV tệp tin to AVI but also convert them to lớn more formats and portable devices. Now, get this MKV clip converter và follow the guide on how to lớn change MKV to lớn AVI below.


Convert MKV Videos to AVI at Fast speed Without chất lượng Loss

WonderFox HD video Converter Factory Pro is an all-in-one video converter that enables you to lớn convert MKV tệp tin to AVI and other 500+ output đầu ra formats in batches. It"s reliable và easy to lớn use.



Before start, please free downloadfree download this powerful MKV đoạn phim converter and install it on your Windows computer.

Step 1. địa chỉ cửa hàng MKV Files to lớn Convert MKV to AVI fast

Now, you can xuất hiện the best MKV lớn AVI converter, and showroom your MKV files into it. Just click the "Add Files/Add đoạn phim Folder" button on the vị trí cao nhất left corner or directly drag MKV files and drop them into this program.


Step 2. Set AVI as the đầu ra Format

Click the "Click khổng lồ change đầu ra format" area on the right of the main interface & choose "AVI" under the "Video" tab.

Tips. There are many other formats for selection, such as MP4, WMV, MPG, MOV, etc. In other words, this fast MKV to AVI converter also allows you khổng lồ convert MKV khổng lồ MP4, MKV lớn MPG, etc. With the best MKV to AVI converter, you can also fix MKV playback issues lượt thích can’t play MKV on LG TV easily.


Step 3. Click the "Run" Button to lớn Start Converting MKV to lớn AVI

Finally, click the bottom triangle button to set an output folder and hit the ‘Run’ button to lớn start the conversion. It won’t take long và you can kiểm tra the converted files following a pop-up window that prompts you to open the output đầu ra folder.

Tips: Before conversion, you can change the resolution, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, etc. In "Parameter settings".

For people who need a miễn phí solution lớn convert MKV video clip to AVI, miễn phí HD video clip Converter Factory is the right choice. Though a không tính tiền tool, it comes with several practical functions besides converting MKV tệp tin to MKV. It allows you khổng lồ extract audio from video, compress đoạn clip with high unique preserved & more. Now, follow the guide khổng lồ convert MKV videos with this miễn phí MKV khổng lồ MP4 converter.

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Before start, please không tính tiền downloadfree download the software & install it on your Windows PC.

Step 1. Go lớn the Converter module và click "Add Files" lớn import the MKV files you want to lớn solve how to convert MKV lớn AVI. You can directly drag và drop files into this program alternatively.

Step 2. Press the "Click lớn change output đầu ra format" area on the right và select "AVI" profile under the "Video" tab.

Step 3. Finally, click "Run" khổng lồ initiate the conversion process.

Please lưu ý that the không lấy phí version does"t support batch conversion. If you want lớn convert large MKV files in batches, please tải về download the pro version.

Converting MKV lớn AVI online is also a workable method. Online converters can be convenient as they don"t require any installation yet there are some common problems on them. For instance, the web-based tools have requirements for network connections & servers. When you"re encountered with poor network connection or unstable server, it will take much time lớn convert video and even lead lớn failure. Moreover, for your privacy security, please don"t upload private videos khổng lồ conversion websites. Zamzar is a relatively clean và high-ranked online converter, you can take advantage of it lớn convert MKV videos to lớn AVI. Let"s have a look at this method of converting MKV files to lớn AVI online.

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Step 1. Click "Choose Files" khổng lồ upload local videos. Alternatively, you can insert a URL of an online MKV đoạn clip into Zamzar khổng lồ convert online MKV files.

Step 2. Open the "Convert files to" drop-down list and choose AVI as the output đầu ra format khổng lồ convert MKV to AVI online.

Step 3. Enter your e-mail address for receiving the converted AVI files.

Step 4. Click on "Convert" to start the process.

Note: Zamzar has limited the maximum upload file kích cỡ to 50MB. You need to purchase their plans to lớn break that limit ($9/m for 200MB, $16/m for 400MB & $25/m for 2GB). I have lớn admit it"s not cheap, compared with desktop converters.

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Want to lớn rip video from DVD for easy playback? WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro helps lớn fast convert any DVD, be it homemade or commercial, lớn popular audio/video formats & mobile devices (AVI, MP4, MKV, MP3, WAV, iPhone, Android, TV, laptop, etc.) with simple clicks. Get it khổng lồ back up your DVD collections trouble-free!

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