Episode 10



Episode 10 of Darling in the Franxx aired on 17 March with Zorome as narrator. We’re slowly getting behind the secrets of the adults.

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Japanese title: 永遠の街

Episode 10 – Eternal Ciy

APE’s members are quite surprised at how good Squad 13 handles Klaxosaurs. One of the members suggests lớn present them something in order lớn praise their devotedness và to lớn encourage them to continue protecting the đô thị. The parasites are allowed to lớn enter the đô thị for a short time where they receive medals. As their time is up, Zorome wanders off course and gets stuck in a place. The moment an adult sees Zorome, he falls down và loses consciousness. The female adult takes care of his wounds, gives hyên something khổng lồ eat và drink, & as Zorome wishes, she talks a bit about her life. She even shows hlặng her partner. Zorome has this strange feeling that this isn’t their first time to meet. After a short while, authorities arrive sầu and take him back khổng lồ the dorm where he tries khổng lồ think of a reason why the woman was so familiar.

My Thoughts

In this episode, we focus on Zorome as he is the narrator. In the beginning, he talks about a dream he has, where he is surrounded by darkness & is staring at a distant light. He is crying but doesn’t know if his tears are flowing because of sorrow or joy. The light is coming closer and closer until it embraces hyên ổn completely. Is he dreaming about the warmth of his family, of how he is all alone in the dark, but when he cries, his family or one member of his family comes closer to lớn check on hyên ổn as the light he sees? When they are cthua thảm lớn Zorome, the darkness disappears. Later, he meets this mysterious woman with the same eye color as Zorome’s & I bet she knows more than she wants to lớn tell.

Why did the papa-tađưa ra or APE members bring the kids to lớn the thành phố anyways? If they wanted to present them with something in order to encourage them lớn fight Klaxosaurs và protect the thành phố, they could have sầu just visited their facility instead. I mean it was only one person that greeted the parasites, so why not make this guy visit them instead of calling ten children to his place? Or did they want to lớn reward them with the great feeling that they are allowed lớn visit the city? I think that the papa-tabỏ ra are up to something because they said that Squad 13 should escort Zero Two lớn a certain place, but I guess that’s something we’ll see in the coming episodes.

Now that we saw how empty the streets of the thành phố are, I get why Zero Two referred to lớn it as a dead đô thị. There are hardly any people outside their houses and if there is someone, you don’t even know how the person looks lượt thích because of the strange hats covering the upper half of their faces. The first person that Zorome encountered did see hyên but moved on. Then he tried khổng lồ climb down the wall but fell as he was surprised by the second person. The second person turned out khổng lồ be a woman, an old one. She claimed to lớn live in the big apartment together with her partner, but she seems to live sầu alone, as she said that she is not used to talk to someone for such a ‘long’ time. She also said that she has not heard her partner’s voice in a long time. Does that mean that the person we saw in that capsule receiving a dose of happiness has been lying in there for quite a long time? This was the time we learned that adults only live sầu on nutrition they needed instead of just having fun eating good-tasting foods and that they receive their happiness through a dose instead of having fun the ‘normal’ ways. What would Futoshi have sầu said khổng lồ this comment? I bet he wouldn’t want to become an adult instantly. The woman also had a picture of a heart on the left side of her chest & later, when the authorities arrived và she was sitting on the couch with one, the person returned this ‘picture’ to her. I wonder if this is connected to her heart & what the person did with the picture.

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Adults vày have sầu partners too, but in a different way than parasites. Adults just live together because they are following old customs, which were used khổng lồ khung special relationships in the past khổng lồ make things easier và to lớn procreate. But the woman thinks of this as uncomfortable, which makes me wonder: how are the children made there? If the adults are only living together in order to lớn follow old customs, bởi vì they produce children artificially? But if that’s the case, why bởi vì I have sầu a feeling that this woman could be Zorome’s mother or another relative? They are sharing the same eye color, but that doesn’t mean a lot in anime. The dialogue, however, she had with Zorome was a big indicator of why he felt so familiar at her place. Zorome said: ‘So, when I’m able to live sầu in this thành phố too, would you, uh, be my fam… W-would you become my friend?’. She replied: ‘That’s obviously out of the question. After all, you are…’ và gets cut off by the arriving authorities. What exactly did she want khổng lồ tell him? You are my what?

Last but not least, we get to lớn know that parasites are ‘victims’. One of the authority members said that Zorome is just a victim too. Does this refer to the thought that the parasites are just being used to lớn fight Klaxosaurs and defkết thúc the đô thị và their citizens? But why vày they have to lớn defend a dead đô thị with almost dead citizens..? It is all for the papa-tađưa ra, who just want lớn live sầu eternally.

My What-Is-Going-On? Moments

About losing one parasiteHow could Nana forget one of her parasites… This isn’t a class with about 30 pupils. There are only 10 of them. Did she not count them before leaving the thành phố or did Zorome disappear so quickly that notoàn thân could react in time? And even Miku? Or did they look for hlặng, but just couldn’t find hyên in time? We only saw them waiting for news at their dormitory và nothing else.

Happiness DoseWhat a boring life would be if you only got your happiness through a dose instead of having fun in the ‘old ways’ lượt thích the parasites are. It is kind of depressing to see that the adults are living such a sad life. But what freaked me out the most was the scene where the woman’s partner just received his happiness dose. At first, he had a dễ thương looking smile on his face, but then this smile changed lớn a vicious one. At that time the woman started to lớn thất bại strength. What kind of ‘happiness’ did they insert inkhổng lồ hlặng and is it somehow connected to her sudden feeling of faintness?

In the End

Thank you Zorome for revealing so much about the đô thị and for confusing me again. It feels lượt thích a distant future of ours, where people can live sầu forever and never die. But would you want to live sầu eternally if you can’t feel happy in a ‘normal way’ like you vì chưng now or can’t eat delicious foods and drinks? I would rather be mortal but live sầu my life the way I want lớn.

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