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Apple is launching not one, but two premium smartphones today, & the iPhone 6 Plus is the one many probably were skeptical even existed just a few short months ago. With a screen size measuring 5.5-inches across the diagonal, it’s well into the territory labeled “phablet” on the ancient sea charts of mariners who’ve braved the game android waters. However, Apple’s version of a smartphone that strains the inclusion of “phone” in any word describing it might surprise even those dead set against the trend toward ever-bigger mobile screens.

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5.5-inch, 1920 x 1080 display, 401 ppi with 1300:1 contrast16, 64 or 128GB storageA8 processor (64-bit)8MP iSight camera (rear) with 1.5 micron pixels and optical image stabilization, 1.2 megapixel FaceTime camera (front)Dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi20-band LTE supportMSRP: 16GB for $299 on contract/$749 contract free; 64GB for $399 on contract/$849 contract free; 128GB for $499 on contract/$949 contract free


Larger screen is great for productivity and truyền thông consumptionBattery & camera noticeably better than iPhone 6


Not a one-handed device for mostPriced above even the usual premium segment


The iPhone 6 Plus is literally an exaggerated version of the iPhone 6 in terms of its physical design, with dimensions stretched to lớn accommodate its much larger 5.5-inch display. It’s 0.01-inches thicker, just under half-an inch wider, and just under an inch taller than the iPhone 6, và you’ll notice each of those increases in the hand, including the additional thickness, even if it is just a shade of difference. In terms of carrying and holding the device, the additional size makes for a less ‘perfect’ ergonomic quality, something the iPhone 6 definitely achieves, but there’s still lots khổng lồ love about the industrial design of the 6 Plus.

Like the iPhone 6, it benefits from rounded edges và smooth surfaces that recall the máy tính bảng ipad mini và iPad Air. The curved sides make it easier lớn page back & forth through nội dung with swipes, và it’s easy khổng lồ imagine how a design with right angles would’ve resulted in an uncomfortable grip with a device this size. The screen is also the star here, and that 5.5-inch high res beauty is set off by thin side bezels, & top and bottom bezels that appear much smaller since they take up a far smaller percentage of the overall front surface of the device.

Attention khổng lồ detail is Apple’s forte, và that’s apparent in the way the volume keys, relocated power button (it’s on the right side now) and lock switch are all machined. Perforations including the speaker holes on the bottom right are similarly well-executed, and overall the sense you get of the iPhone 6 Plus is one of extreme high quality, which is not something that can be said for the rest of the ‘phablet’ field. Táo bị cắn has managed to make the very first well-designed điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh of epic scale, regardless of your thoughts on the merit of the category as a whole.


The iPhone 6 Plus may be powering a much larger display, & it may need to lớn output content at a higher resolution, but it’s not showing any additional strain vs. The iPhone 6 despite the extra legwork required. The 64-bit A8 process that táo bị cắn dở has designed, which uses a new, smaller & more power-efficient 20nm process, is more than up to lớn the task of serving up animations, swipes, switches và multitasking for the 6 Plus.

If you’re new to lớn the world of iOS và iPhone, you’ll probably just chú ý that the performance is excellent and move on. But if you’re upgrading from an older device, lượt thích perhaps the iPhone 4 or 4S, you’re going lớn instantly take lưu ý of just how speedy everything is with this new processor architecture. The screen sizes are stealing headlines, but the performance of the A8, in graphics-intensive applications & in rendering interface flourishes, means that you’ll be feeling the effects of Apple’s next-generation processor improvements long after people are used khổng lồ the bigger displays.

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The iPhone 6 Plus, lượt thích the iPhone 6, also features faster wireless performance, on both cellular & Wi-Fi connections. The 802.11ac Wi-Fi felt blazingly fast when used on my trang chủ network, which is run from a current-generation Airport Extreme that supports the latest Wi-Fi speeds. LTE is now able to lớn handle up khổng lồ 150 mbps connections, where supported (and with 20 bands supported on a single mã sản phẩm number, you’re more likely khổng lồ find it works with carriers around the world). Táo apple has also worked with carriers khổng lồ get LTE roaming working with more international carrier arrangements, & I found that my AT&T testing sim provided a strong Rogers LTE connection here in Canada.


Apple has brought a number of great new features lớn both the iPhone 6 và the iPhone 6 Plus, including táo bị cắn Pay, which works as advertised in demos but will launch publicly in October in the U.S., & ‘Focus Pixels’ phase detection autofocus for faster, better picture taking. But there are a few featues that are specific to the iPhone 6 Plus that make it a device destined to lớn appeal to both power nguồn users and everyday customers looking to lớn simplify their life with a single gadget, instead of requiring both a tablet and phone (and even a computer).

Reachability is the feature táo apple created khổng lồ help users deal with much larger devices, regardless of the size of their hands và digits. The iPhone 6 Plus leans on this especially, as it’s impossible for anyone not in the NBA to reach their thumb across to the top opposite corner. I find it difficult to lớn even reach across the other side of the screen, let alone the corner, when one-handing the device. Reachability helps reach the stuff that’s in the vị trí cao nhất row, but it doesn’t bring down the status bar on the trang chủ screen (it does in app), which would be helpful, and it’s still a stretch to lớn reach the relocated opposite corner.

For most tasks, I find the iPhone 6 Plus lớn be a two-handed device – but I also find that I’m absolutely fine with that. The 6 Plus is closer in usage style to lớn an ipad mini, in my experience, albeit one that’s pocketable and capable of full cellular voice communications. Part of the reason that it works so well as a tablet-style gadget is that táo bị cắn has introduced special landscape tư vấn for both the homescreen và some its first-party apps, which really showroom to my ability to be productive using them.

The apps in question include Mail, Messages và Calendar, & these now offer up overviews in a column on the left, & detail views on the right, much like they vì chưng on tablet or desktop devices. In Mail, it lets you quickly scroll through và triage your e-mail without having to constantly swipe back & forth, & in Messages, it lets you keep abreast of the latest goings on in multiple conversations at once. Using these landscape views effectively almost requires two-handed use, but it ends up feeling well worth the trade-off.

Apple has also introduced new optical image stabilization for still pictures to the iPhone 6 Plus, and the effects are very impressive. That’s something I’ll address in greater detail in the ‘Camera’ section below.