Alexa is battling cancer. But with her best friover, Katie, by her side, she's also starting high school -- and ready for whatever comes next.

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This groundbreaking series earned Television Academy Honors & an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children's Program.
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Alexa is battling cancer. But with her best friend, Katie, by her side, she's also starting high school -- and ready for whatever comes next.

Alexa's plan lớn hide her cancer from her classmates & start high school like everyone else is totally doable ... until she starts losing her hair.

The girls come up with a colorful solution khổng lồ keep Alexa's diagnosis under wraps. But Dave's having trouble adjusting lớn his daughter's new look.

There's a rumor going around school that someone in the class has cancer. Katie tries out for the basketball team, & Lori starts working from trang chính.

Alexa goes out of her way lớn prove sầu she can't be punished. Jennifer surprises Jachồng with a backyard campout but has a hard time getting hyên ổn to unplug.

After landing the lead in the school play, Katie's left wondering whether she actually earned it. Jennifer asks Lucas to baby-sit.

Now that Alexa's secret is out, everyone's being unbearably nice -- even Gwenny. Jennifer và Jaông xã invite themselves over lớn watch the World Series.

To kiss or not to lớn kiss? Katie's new life as a thespian has Alexa feeling a little left out. Jennifer accuses Lori of stealing her thunder.

Alexa's got such a great support system at the hospital that Katie isn't sure where she stands. Lori pours her anxieties into baking.

The doctors order Alexa to stay home page, but she can still come lớn school -- on an máy tính bảng ipad. Jennifer works overtime khổng lồ convince Jaông xã her job is cool.

Alexa insists on cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but Lori has trouble letting go. Katie's desperate to lớn connect with her dad on a deeper màn chơi.

Dave can't wait to lớn show Lucas his alma mater. And with her family away for the weekkết thúc, Alexa's ready khổng lồ break all the rules.

Lucas longs for " time" now that Dylan and Alexa are hanging out. Dave's nose detects a cat ... & he's not wrong.

Alexa's first high school dance is right around the corner. But a risky flu outbreak means she might not be able to lớn go.

For best friends Alexa and Katie, sophomore year brings budding romance, a birthday milestone -- & big lessons they'll never forget.

Sophomore year's off lớn a great start until Katie twists her ankle, giving Alexa something else to focus on while she's waiting to lớn hear from her doctor.

Katie's thrilled when she's chosen khổng lồ study acting abroad in London -- but the $2,000 tuition is out of her price range. Time lớn start doing odd jobs!

Katie applies for a job at the coffee siêu thị without telling her mom. When Lucas và Gwenny go out on a date, the girls are determined lớn sabotage it.

After getting the OK khổng lồ play basketball, Alexa struggles on the court. But a heart-to-heart with a young cancer patient reminds her how far she's come.

When Alexa & Dylan get into lớn a fight right before the big Halloween party, Katie's sure she can fix it. But what if they're not meant khổng lồ be together?

Alexa claims she's fine -- so the girls take her shopping for a Sweet 16 dress. Baông xã at the house, a stressed-out Lucas goes to lớn Dave sầu for dating advice.

When Katie needs help prepping for a math midterm, Alexa offers lớn ask Dylan. Meanwhile, Jennifer still doesn't know her daughter has a job.

Alexa's working overtime to lớn keep Christmas on traông chồng. But finding her old hospital bag stirs up memories that throw her off her holiday game.

It's New Year's Eve sầu, and a bold new Katie is finally ready lớn confess her feelings for Ryan. Cue the fireworks -- & a flaming espresso machine!

An expensive mistake means Katie can't afford to go lớn London. But she's keeping it a secret so she doesn't ruin Alexa's epic birthday buổi tiệc nhỏ.

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Junior year is finally here for Alexa and Katie with new relationships, surprising friendships & big decisions on the horizon.

A big fight on the first day of school leaves the girls feeling way out of sync. Lucas starts college, và Lori và Dave toast their 20th anniversary.

Alexa's ready to leave cancer behind her, but it's not that simple. Meanwhile, Katie's trying to balance all the things -- & it's super complicated.

Being there for Spencer brings back memories Alexa would rather forget. Katie looks for leadership opportunities, & Jennifer preps for a date.

Katie & Ryan don't feel the same way about each other anymore, but neither has the heart lớn say it. Alexa's determined to lớn pass her driver's kiểm tra.

Alexa's excited lớn see Dylan again but senses Spencer needs her more. Katie organizes a food drive sầu, and Dave goes overboard on holiday decorating.

Katie aims high khổng lồ win a community theater competition, putting unnecessary pressure on her friends -- & herself. Lucas reexamines his future.

Alexa struggles lớn keep her "" life -- & her life with Spencer -- separate. A horrified Katie's convinced that her mom is dating Gwenny's dad.

Alexa takes Katie miniature golfing to lớn get her mind off the SATs. Lori plays matchmaker when Jennifer hires a handsome handyman.

Summer's over, & Alexa & Katie are starting their senior year. They've sầu been through so much together — but there's still more to lớn come.

Alexa eases Katie's anxiety with an epic plan khổng lồ crush senior year. Jennifer starts her new job, and Jaông xã and Lucas help solve sầu each other's problems.

Alexa's full of advice after getting her driver's license — but she doesn't know everything. Meanwhile at Wired, the new hire is Katie's worst nightmare.

After dating Joe for six months, Jennifer's ready for hyên ổn to meet her family và friends. It's just dinner ... but Katie's got some concerns.

With college applications looming, an aptitude kiểm tra reveals Katie's true passion. But pursuing it is scary — & Alexa's " job" doesn't feel right.

Alexa agrees to lớn speak at Lori's carnival-themed Stand Up to lớn Cancer fundraiser, where Katie's coffee kiosk brews unexpected jealousy.

College acceptance letters are here. But did Alexa and Katie get into lớn the same school? And why are things suddenly so weird between Alexa and Spencer?

Senior prom is on Saturday, and Katie needs a date. (See also: the courage khổng lồ tell Alexa something important.) Lori & Joe go overboard at game night.

The girls are finally graduating from high school và getting ready khổng lồ leave sầu home for college. But will they stay together or go their separate ways?

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