Windows 8


Windows 10 has been released since years ago, but still a lot of people disable Windows 10 automatic update và just want to stick with Windows 7 or 8. When it is necessary to upgrade to lớn a new OS, many users will choose Windows 8.1. If you want to upgrade your computer operating system lớn 8.1, then you usually need a hàng hóa key for that. In this article, you will know how to activate Windows 8.1 in two ways for free.

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Why Go for the Windows 8.1 OS?

When you look at the new version of Windows 7 và 8, then it is Windows 8.1. In this new update, you can fix all error, bugs, and other issues that are present in the previous versions. With so many things in offering from Windows 8.1, it shows how good it must be for your system.

How lớn Find the Windows 8.1 product Key?

The hàng hóa key of Windows 8.1 is a vital thing as it ensures that the hàng hóa is genuine. The sản phẩm key usually has 25 characters in them, & it comes with the installation CD that you have brought from the authorized dealer of Windows software.

But khổng lồ buy an original Windows 8.1 may cost you a lot. Many people have got more than one computer devices & for them going for the original hàng hóa is very expensive. So, if you are wondering about these issues, then you need not have khổng lồ worry about it. There are ways by which you can get the key for free.

Pro tips: Make sure to activate your Windows OS as soon as possible lớn avoid data loss due to xanh Screen of Death or other accidents. In case you need to recover unsaved or lost Excel or Word documents, don’t hesitate to try with tệp tin Recovery immediately.


Methods to lớn Activate Windows 8.1 Free?

There are two ways by which you can activate the Windows 8.1. These ways are here for you in a detailed manner.

1. How to Activate Windows 8.1 by Phone

The very first thing you need khổng lồ get a không lấy phí Windows is lớn get a smartphone. Then you can activate the Windows 8.1 by using your app android smartphone, which is compatible with this OS. To bởi that you need to follow these steps.

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Step 1. Click on the Start button on your PC.Step 2. Go khổng lồ the Settings > Change PC Settings > Activate Windows > Activate by phone.Step 3. After that, you need to select your location và then click on Next.
Step 4. Call the number that is present on the page và follow the voice prompt to complete the activation process.

2. How to Activate Window 8.1 Online

If the first way does not work for you or you don’t have got any cellphone with you, then you can go for the second method. The second method that is mentioned here will work in a better way.To vày that in a better way, here are the steps that you need to lớn follow.

Step 1. Nguồn on your PC and then after that navigate khổng lồ Settings.Step 2. Then there you will find a box saying Activate Windows. Click on that.Step 3. After that, you need to lớn copy any one of the product keys which you can find over the internet. You need to search product keys for windows 8.1 in Google, & a series of numbers will appear for you in many pages.Step 4. Then you need to lớn paste the same number on your PC và click on Next to kiểm tra whether the key is active or not. If not, get the next key.Step 5. After doing all it when the key will get accepted by Windows, you will see a series of instructions.Step 6. Follow these instructions carefully & in a correct manner so that after some time, you will see that Windows is activated automatically for your PC.
Free Windows 8.1 sản phẩm Keys

If you can’t find your own product key for Windows 8.1, here are some miễn phí Windows 8.1 sản phẩm keys collected online. You may try them one by one until your copy of Windows 8.1 is activated successfully.




Bottom Line

In this tutorial, we have learnt how khổng lồ activate Windows 8.1 by phone or with free product keys. If you’re still using Windows 7, here is how khổng lồ activate Windows 7 free. Microsoft has planned to stop supporting the old versions of Windows OS, so it would be a wise choice to upgrade to lớn Windows 10 for home computers as soon as possible. Feel không lấy phí to cốt truyện your opinions on the Windows OS in the comment.