Reboot restore rx pro constantly kills machine


I"m a long-time IT guy but new to lớn the company I"m at. They"ve been using Reboot Restore RX Pro for quite a while for any public machines, & have about 15 licenses. All Windows 7 up until now.

I"m rolling out the new Win10 machines lớn replace Win7, all new Dell AIO"s. The first two machines I"ve started with have been completely clean, fully updated installs of Win10, then I installed Reboot Restore, mix it up khổng lồ work with Windows Updates according to Horizon"s own documentation.

After installing Reboot Restore, both machines develop catastrophic issues. "Windows failed to lớn start... EFIMicrosoftBoot|BCD. Boot configuration data for your PC is missing or contains errors", or đen screen with "load uefi image failed with error 0xe"

I"m using the latest version downloaded from their site.

Since I"m new to the software, I"m just wondering if this is pretty common for this software or this company? What"s your overall feeling for this product? Should I start looking for alternatives?

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ghost chili

I would recommend you talking khổng lồ their tư vấn since you are licensed. RebootRestart RX was known khổng lồ cause issues with Windows 10 back in the days too.

All should be fixed for now. Depending on the build number of Windows 10 you are using it might have some incompatibilities with the software thus Horizon support is the right place lớn get answers. 

I hope Sam (Horizon DataSys)​ can help a bit ;)

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