To The Beautiful You Episode 2

Stressed out or feeling frustrated? No worries. We have got an entertaining solution for you all. Ever tried watching a k-drama? If your answer is no then hurry up & grab a k-drama to watch right now. It will let you feel refreshed & amused. There are hundreds of such shows that provide great options và a large library. But if you feel confused lớn choose one of them, then let us help you. Lớn The Beautiful You is an interesting drama series that has comedy & sweet love stories. After completing the first season it is natural to lớn crave for more. We have got all the queries answered about to lớn The Beautiful You renewal, release date, expected story, & speculations about the cast of season 2.

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To The Beautiful You Season 2 Release Date

The first episode of khổng lồ The Beautiful You season 1 was released on 15th August 2012 and lasted till 14th October 2012. This k-drama premiered on SBS and was wrapped up beautifully. It’s been more than 8 years & still, we don’t have any future season yet. This signifies that to The Beautiful You season 2 is not likely lớn happen và is almost canceled. But, it is still to lớn be announced officially. However, makers haven’t said any word about it, and many details are not revealed. Another factor that favors canceling the show is the story that ended on a happy note. Hence, we will let you know once we get a confirmed piece of news about the future installment. If renewed by this year, we might have the release date of lớn The Beautiful You season 2 in 2022 or early 2023.

To The Beautiful You Season 2 Cast

Actors with superb talents make the show more popular & garner a larger audience. Lớn The Beautiful You is starting Sulli as Goo Jae-hee & Choi Min-ho as Kang Tae-Joon. One more character who is considered lớn be one of the main cast is phụ thân Eun-gyeol. Lee Hyun-woo is playing this role và falls in love with Jae-hee in this drama series. It also has other supporting roles that include Ha Seung-ri, played by Seo Jun-young, Kang Na-neul as Min Hyeon-Jae in the character of mãng cầu Cheol-soo has been portrayed by Kim I-an. Further, more actors were part of this lãng mạn drama.To The Beautiful You season 2 can have many of the actors from the previous season while the new ones can also join in.

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To The Beautiful You Season 1 Recap

Jae-hee was only 5 when she moved khổng lồ us but then returns to Korea after several years when she accidentally saw Tae-Joon on TV in a high jump competition. She starts considering him as her idol. She then decides khổng lồ go back to lớn Korea as Jae-hee was not willing Tae-Joon to lớn quit the high jump as he was suffering from an injury that was much serious enough to lớn let him quit the competitions. Jae-hee wanted to attend the same school as that Tae-Joon but he went khổng lồ an all-boys school. But she was so desperate that she dressed & pretended to be a male figure & for that Jae-hee even cut her hair.Tae-Joon và Jae-hee eventually became roommates & the secret was still to be hidden. The students at school grew suspicious about Jae-hee but no one was sure about it. Another boy, phụ thân Eun-gyeol, starts falling for Jae-hee but as he was knowing her as a boy he starts questioning his sexuality.

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Further, in the story, the entire school gets to lớn know about Jae-hee’s true identity & before all this happened Jae-hee và Tae-Joon were already a couple. Since the truth was before all the students, she decides to lớn leave back for the US. This incident happened just two days before the matchday of Tae-Joon. When he got informed of her sudden departure, he wanted to stop her. But, there he found Jae-hee’s diary inside his bag. It inspired him to lớn participate in the competition & this time he was the winner that he dedicates to Jae-hee. After a year, both of them meet in an unexpected way and then this beautiful and happy love story gets completed.

To The Beautiful You Season 2 Plot

To The Beautiful You is based on a Japanese manga, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, also known as For You in Full Blossom. Most part of the manga series has been covered and the source material is scarcely having a portion of content left for the next season. So, most probably, this time it might have a new beginning of a new storyline.

To The Beautiful You Ratings và Reviews

Having an impressive rating matters whenever considering a series’ success. Lớn The Beautiful You is a romantic comedy Korean drama whose reach was outside the country too. IMDB has rated this series 7.2 out of 10 và it clearly shows its popularity, beautiful story, ensemble cast, and amazing cinematography. Even though it received mixed reviews, it managed khổng lồ attract teenagers và young people the most. In our opinion to lớn The Beautiful You is a must-watch for the fans of thắm thiết k-dramas.

To The Beautiful You Season 2 Trailer

The trailer is not out yet as it is suspicious at the moment. Till then enjoy watching the previous clips và episodes.